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How to Mcafee Antivirus?

What is McAfee.com/activate?

McAfee is an America-based cybersecurity solution provider known for its unbeatable security products for its worldwide users. It extends a wide range of cutting-edge security products that are backed by avant-garde technology. To name a few, it offers Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Protection, Safe Connect VPN, WebAdvisor, Gamer Security, Mobile Security etc. These laser-sharp security products give holistic protection cover to all your connected Devices, Data, Privacy and Identity. In other words, it is a comprehensive protection cover that guards your digital life against most of the existing and new threats. For instance, Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Rootkit, Trojans, Malicious Websites, Unwanted Programs etc. Not only that, it is available for all of the available Devices like Windows, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones etc. Besides, a single Subscription of “mcafee.com/activate” is capable of safeguarding multiple devices.


McAfee is known for its exceptional and ingenious technology. It uses Cloud-based Infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence to guarantee unrelenting protection. This makes it a lightweight yet highly robust software. Besides, providing complete protection cover, it comes with multi-layered Privacy Protection. In other words, it offers award-winning, next-generation security solutions.

This robust cybersecurity solution is packed with a number of intuitive, user-friendly features. For instance, Performance Optimization Tools, Safe Web Browsing, Password Manager, McAfee Shredder, Encrypted Storage etc.

Why Choose Mcafee to secure your Device?

McAfee is globally acknowledged as the most effective and efficient cybersecurity solution that guarantees complete protection cover. It’s state-of-the-art security is highly customizable and flexible. It accompanies best-in-class features to give unmatched experience. Given below are some of the benefits that makes it a great choice.

  1. Powered by award-winning, intuitive technology like Security Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, SIEM, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. 
  2. Gives Holistic Protection against existing and new threats. For example, Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Rootkit, Trojans, Malicious Websites, Unwanted Programs etc.
  3. Comes with Cross-platform Compatibility to give you extreme Versatility. 
  4. Multi-device Application to assure utmost flexibility of usage. 
  5. Lightweight Software that keeps your Devices in perfect health. 
  6. Integrated with Performance Optimization Tools to minimize Bandwidth Usage, Block Auto-play Videos and enhance User Experience. 
  7. Assures completely Secure Browsing Experience by protecting from all sorts of online threats while you are browsing the Internet. 
  8. Gives you holistic Internet Protection by safeguarding you from harmful and malicious websites. For this, it employs real-time behaviour monitoring.
  9. Accompanies with unbeatable tools that constantly filter out your Network for Spam and Malicious Sites.
  10. McAfee assures that sensitive, personal files get complete protection with Password Protection and Military-grade Encryption. 
  11. Comes with 100% Virus Removal and 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

How to Create your Mcafee Account?

Mcafee Account
  1. Begin the Mcafee Account Creation process for Mcafee Activate by launching a Web Browser of your choice.
  2. Then, go to its official website by using the URL as “mcafee.com/activate”. 
  3. Consequently, it will take you to the required webpage. Now, go to the top right-hand side of this window. Then, select “For Consumer”. 
  4. The following window displays the “My Account” drop-down tab at the top right-hand side. Now, click on it to expand it. 
  5. Thereafter, select the “My Account” option.
  6. After that, locate the “Register Now” tab from its right-panel. Then, click on it and go to its Account Creation window.  
  7. On the next window, you must fill in the empty text boxes with accurate Profile Information. For example, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password.
  8. Along with that, it displays a “Privacy Policy” link for “mcafee.com/activate”. Hence, click on it to access its terms. Then, read the same carefully and close the document. 
  9. In addition to that, click on the link for “McAfee End User License Agreement”. Then, properly review the given terms. After that, close the document. 
  10. Thereafter, click “I Agree”. 
  11. Finally, click on the “Create Account” tab. 
  12. As a result, you will get a Verification Email to authenticate your Email Address. 
  13. Hence, go to your Email Account. Then, open the Email sent by McAfee. After that, click on the given link to validate your Account.
  14. This completes the McAfee Account Creation process.

How to Download Mcafee with Product Key?

Mcafee Download
  • Begin the process by purchasing your preferred McAfee product. For this, bring up a Web Browser that is available on your System. 
  • Then, launch “mcafee.com”.
  • At the very top, you will find a Black Band with certain tabs. Click on “For Home” to expand its Menu box for “mcafee.com/activate”. 
  • Here, you will find links for all of its available Products. Carefully go through the details. Then, choose appropriately. 
  • Now, go to the webpage of your selected product. Here, you should select a preferred Subscription. In other words, choose the number of Devices to protect. 
  • Then, click on the “Buy Now” button. 
  • On the following window, enter your Payment and Billing Details correctly. 
  • Then, click on the “Place My Order” button. 
  • Proceed further by reviewing your Order carefully. Then, confirm the payment. 
  • With this, McAfee will send you a “Purchase Confirmation Email”.  Additionally, it will add the purchased Product to your McAfee Account.
  • Now, get back to “mcafee.com”.
  • Click on the “For Home” tab to access its webpage for Home Users. 
  • Next, click on the “Account” tab located at the top right-hand corner. 
  • Then, select “My Account” for “mcafee.com/activate”.
  • As a result, you will get its “Sign In” window. 
  • Thereafter, use your registered Email Address and Password to access your McAfee Account. However, in the event that you haven’t created your Account yet. Then, simply click on the “Register Now” tab. Then, set up your Account by following on-screen instructions. 
  • Once you are logged in to your Account, locate the purchased product. 
  • Also, select your Computer’s OS to get the correct Setup File for downloading “mcafee.com/activate”. 
  • Now, click on the respective “Download” button to begin the downloading process. 
  • Then, wait for the downloading process.

How to Install Mcafee on my Computer?

install mcafee
  • Locate the downloaded “Setup File” on your System. In most of the cases, you will find it at the Default Download Location i.e. the “Downloads Folder”.
  • Once you have located it, open the same by double-clicking on it.
  • As a result, it will bring up the Welcome window of its “Installer”. Hence, click “Next” to proceed with the “mcafee.com/activate” process. 
  • In case of Mac Devices, it will prompt you to provide your Mac’s Administrator Username and Password. Hence, provide the same accurately. Then, click “OK”. 
  • On the following window, you will get the terms of “Software License Agreement” for “mcafee.com/activate”. Hence, attentively review the terms. 
  • Thereafter, confirm your consent by clicking on the “I Agree” tab. 
  • The following window holds the “Product’s Serial Number” which is required for the “mcafee.com/activate” process. Hence, you must properly make a note of it for future use. Then, click “Next”.
  • Finally, click on the “Install” button.  With this, the Installation process will begin. This will take time.
  • As such, you will have to wait for its completion. 
  • Thereafter, click “Finish” when you get the confirmation message. 
  • After that, Restart your Computer.

How to Activate Mcafee Security?

Mcafee Activate
  • In order to perform the “mcafee.com/activate” process, you must launch a commonly available Internet Browser. For instance, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox etc. 
  • Now, go to its official website. In other words, type in “mcafee.com/activate” in the Address Bar of the Browser. Then, hit the “Enter” key. 
  • The following window requires you to provide your 25-digit “Mcafee Product Key”. It is the same Code that you get in the Purchase Confirmation Email after purchasing your product. However, in case of Offline Purchase, it appears on the given “Retail Card”. Hence, enter the same accurately. 
  • In case, you fail to identify this Code. Then, click on the link for “Where is my 25-digit activation code?”. The following window will guide you in locating the Code. Hence, follow its instructions properly. Then, enter the Code correctly in the required text box. 
  • Along with that, provide the Email Address associated with your Account for “mcafee.com/activate” properly. Make sure it is in lower case without any unwanted spaces. 
  • Then, click on the “Submit” button.
  • On the following window, you must enter the corresponding “Password” accurately. 
  • However, if you don’t have an Account. Then, it will prompt you to establish a new Account. Hence, create one by following the given instructions. Thereafter, “log in” to your Account. 
  • As you click on “Sign In”, it will conclude the “mcafee.com/activate” process. 
  • Finally, Restart your Computer. 

How do I change my McAfee account password?

Mcafee Account
  • In case you want to reset your Account Password for getting the benefit of “mcafee.com/activate”. Then, get an Internet Browser that is available on your Computer. For example, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Internet Explorer etc. 
  • Then, bring up its official website. For this, enter the URL i.e. “mcafee.com” in the Browser’s Address Bar. Then, press the “Enter” key from your keyboard. 
  • When you get the Homepage, go to the very top of the window. Then, locate and click on the “For Home” tab. 
  • Now, go to the top right-hand corner of the following window. Here, you will notice the “Account” tab with a Profile icon. Then, click on it to expand its Menu Box.
  • Next, you must select the “My Account” tab from the expanded Menu Box. 
  • The following window gives you the option to access your Account. You will find the “Mcafee Login” section on the left-hand panel. 
  • Thereafter, go to the very bottom of this section. Look beneath the “Log In” button. Here, you will find the “Forgot Your Password?” link. As such, click on it to get its Password Reset window. 
  • On the following window, it will seek the “Email Address” associated with your “mcafee.com/activate” Account. Hence, provide the same correctly. 
  • Then, click on “Send Email”.
  • As a result, you will get an Email on your registered Email Address.  
  • This Email holds the link to Reset Password  for “mcafee.com/activate”. Here, it is important to remember that this link is valid only for 72 hours. 
  • Hence, go to your Email Account within the specified time period. Then, open this Email.
  • Thereafter, open the Password Reset window by clicking on the given link. 
  • On the following window, provide the New Password that you want to set for your “mcafee.com/activate” Account. Make sure that this Password is in accordance with the given criteria. 
  • Once again, re-enter the same properly. 
  • Finally, click on the “Reset Password” button.

How to renew McAfee subscription?

McAfee is known for its user-centric approach. It understands the dangers of unprotected Devices. As such, it gives you the option of Auto-renewal for “mcafee.com/activate”. Hence, simply activate this service. On the contrary, you can also use specifically purchased Activation Codes to renew the Subscription manually.

McAfee subscription

Activate Auto-renewal

  1. In the very first place, launch a Web Browser of your choice. 
  2. Then, go to “mcafee.com”. 
  3. Now, click on the “For Home” tab.
  4. Next, you should click on the “Account” button to expand its Menu Box.
  5. Thereafter, select the “My Account” tab. 
  6. After that, use your registered Email Address and Password to access your Account. 
  7. Go to the top right-hand corner of this window. Then, click on the “My Account” drop-down box. 
  8. Select the “Auto-Renewal Settings” tab. 
  9. The following window lists the purchased Subscription along with its Expiration Date. 
  10. Along with that, you will find the Toggle button for “Uninterrupted Protection”. Now, click on this button to turn on the switch. 
  11. On the following window, it prompts you to confirm your option. Hence, click on the “Turn On” button. 


In case you haven’t opted for the Auto-renewal Service. Then, you can choose to manually renew your Subscription. For this, you must purchase a new “Product Activation Code”. Now, simply launch the Installed Software. The Application will prompt you to renew your Subscription. Hence, click on the “Renew” tab. The following window will seek the “Product Activation Code” purchased for renewing “mcafee.com/activate”. Hence, enter the 25-digit code correctly. Thereafter, enter your registered Email Address and Password to access your Account. In this way, the Subscription will be renewed. 

How to Reinstall Mcafee?

  1. In the very first place, make sure that your System doesn’t have any pre-installed McAfee software. If required, uninstall it completely. 
  2. Then, go to “mcafee.com” and log in to your Account. 
  3. Now, locate the required product. Then, click on the respective “Download” tab to get the updated Setup File. 
  4. Next, you must locate the downloaded Setup File on your System. Most probably, it is located at your System’s Default Download Location i.e. the “Downloads” Folder. Then, double-click on it. 
  5. When, you get its Welcome window for “mcafee.com/activate”. Then, click “Next”.
  6. In case you have a Mac Device. Then, it will seek the Administrator Login Credentials of your Mac Device. 
  7. Hence, enter the details accurately. Then, click “OK”.
  8. The following window provides you with the terms of its “Software License Agreement”. Hence, go through the terms carefully. 
  9. Thereafter, click “I Agree” to accept the terms. 
  10. Subsequently, you will get the “Product’s Serial Number” on the next window. It is essential for “mcafee.com/activate”. Therefore, you will have to note it down correctly. 
  11. Then, click “Next”.
  12. Finally, click “Install” to start Installing the required Application.
  13. Now, this will take time. 
  14. Hence, wait for its completion. 
  15. When it displays the Confirmation Message. Then, click “Finish”.
  16. At last, Restart your Computer.

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